Thursday, March 24, 2011

Josie's office

At my school there's a big teachers' room and I have a desk there but it doesn't even have drawers. It's not a workable space. It's pretty clear they want to keep me in the "International Room" (English teachers' room) in the basement because that's where I have a desk with drawers, nice chair and internet access. I don't mind. Here are a few pictures of my space.

Natural light! And a door out of which I can run in the event of earthquakes!

I asked my kids what this was in my first week or so. They mimed that it was for keeping intruders at a few feet distance. This struck me as hilarious. It seems it could just as easily be used against you. You'd have to be a real samurai to actually pin the guy against the wall with this thing. My kids thought it was pretty funny too.

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