Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Green tea and a green tee

We finally obtained some high quality matcha green tea. I know, what took us so long? We knew we liked green tea before we got here. Everyone knows it's good for you - all those anti-oxidants. We fell in love with the whole process when we went to a lovely tea ceremony in Kyoto. As John says, it's like a dance. Every movement is choreographed and rife with meaning.

We already had the accoutrements - whisk and scoop, purchased in Kyoto.
We have chawan type tea cups. We even have a tea shop down the street from our house. I guess we were lazy about finding out the different grades of tea. Also, we knew it would be expensive. But it turns out that one of our adult students does tea ceremonies and was about to make an order for some special matcha she gets at a super price - 1000 yen or $12. So yesterday after work I whisked up my first green tea at home. It's delicious, earthy and healthy tasting but not over powering. You only need a tiny bit so this should last us quite a while.

The other day I got a birthday package from my dear artist friend which contained this hand painted personalized t-shirt.

See what it says?

Yes, I am! There was also some lovely handmade stationary, but no picture does it justice. You better just head to her blog and her website to see pictures of her work. She's a fabric artist and lately she's been learning Japanese dying techniques!

I guess the word is out that Josie like giraffes...

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