Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun things that happened in Seoul

We had so much fun just being out and about in the city and interacting with Korean people. Here are just a few examples.
  • We saw a movie where a Kim Jong-il joke was made and everyone in the theater laughed.
  • A young woman asked us to write a message for her parents' 20th anniversary on a wipe board and then took a picture of us with it.
  • A young man asked us to vote (with a sticker) on which color we thought of when we thought of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone - border with North Korea).
  • An older gentleman on the subway struck up a conversation with John and told him his fortune based on his answer to this question: If you were walking home, which would you hope to find, a flower, snow or water.
  • The tour driver who took us to the DMZ was also a fashion designer.
  • We went to a live jazz club (incidentally, it was called Live Jazz Club) and heard a jazz quintet with an amazing female vocalist. We could understand the song lyrics but not her banter while the opposite might have been true for everyone else there.
  • At a restaurant they gave us a free soda because there was meat in our food - we picked a lot of ham out of things in Korea.
  • Our hostel messed up our room (2 single beds put together instead of a double bed) and bought us a nice bottle of soju to make up for it. Also, the hostel guy always said "okey dokey", which cracked us up.
  • We saw a "same same couple" - 20 something couple wearing head to toe matching outfits (it's the Korean equivalent of a GothLoli sighting).

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