Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never thought we'd miss...brussel sprouts

But we do. They have them here, but they're expensive - over $3 for about 8 of them. So, for a Valentine's Day treat John carmelized them with onions, olive oil and butter.

He also made this tapenade we're crazy for these days.

I made a salad and dessert, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

In Japan they celebrate Valentine's Day but the parameters are narrower. Women give men chocolate. That's it. The women have to wait a month for White Day (March 10) when men give the women chocolate (hopefully not the same box regifted). Since it's an invented, commercial holiday anyways, we do our own thing, as you can see.

Happy belated Valentine's! Sending lots of love to our family and friends who we miss dearly!


  1. Actually, I`ve been told that men have to give women candy/sweets on White Day, but not chocolate. How cruel is it to deny women of chocolate? Clearly this is a patriarchal society.

  2. Oh boy, there are always so many specific rules about everything - takes the fun out of it, I say. Only the sweets companies win.

  3. I heard that too, not fair! ^^