Friday, February 11, 2011

The ABCs - ANZAC biscuits, B-ball and Couchsurfers

I had been wanting to make these cookies for a while now.

They're ANZAC biscuits and I used this recipe. I knew what ANZAC day was already. I once arrived in Istanbul around 11pm with no hostel booked with my cousin Ben. The backpacker district was teeming with partying Aussies and Kiwis. After Mary and Joseph-ing around to a few hostels we found one with a free room, right under the dance floor. ANZAC day commemorates the landing of New Zealand and Australian troops at the Gallipoli Peninsula. Over 8,000 soldiers died on the ANZAC side and over 18,000 were injured. I've always felt it a bit odd though; American 20 somethings don't go to Normandy to drink and dance in memory of D-Day, but hey - Aussies and Kiwis are known for being fun lovers. Anyways, ANZAC biscuits were supposedly sent along with the troops because they don't spoil easily. I like them because they remind me of Hobnobs, these fabulous cookie/crackers I used to eat when I lived in Spain - until I found out they were made with "grasa animal" (not vegetarian!). I wanted to make these because my friend from New Zealand left me with her golden syrup when she moved back home. Golden syrup is a pale treacle; they use it instead of molasses, but it's more like honey or corn syrup. These are the easiest cookies to make and really yummy.

Last week I (Josie) was in the teachers' basketball tournament again. In practice earlier in the week I jammed my finger pretty badly and haven't been able to get my wedding ring on since. The games themselves were pretty brutal and I'm riddled with bruises, ie - I'm pretty sure I bruised my ribs. I was the only woman playing at the supposedly co-ed tournament although I did get 3 points when I scored and 3 free throws when I was fouled. This confused me greatly at the time - I was wondering if it was a technical foul because it didn't occur to me that I'd get special treatment. I was taller than most of the guys after all :)

We were back at it last weekend - hosting couchsurfers. This time it was a Texan-Israeli and a Parisian-Israeli. They are on an epic 4 month trip that we got to ask lots of questions about - Thailand, China, Australia, and the exotic New Caledonia!! We're idiots and forgot to take pictures of these two and the awesome food they made us. Luckily, they blogged about it at their site. We'll say it again; couchsurfing is the coolest.

A while back we found ourselves killing time before a train by wandering in a Japanese mall. We found perhaps the creepiest mannequins ever.

I (Josie again) recently discovered style blogs, which tend to bum me out. I'm so sick of the few faded, stretched out, sad clothes I have here. I had to laugh when I discovered this 30 for 30 challenge to take 30 items from your wardrobe and mix them up every day for 30 days. I'm doing this with like 10 items, but I assure you, it's nothing to blog about. It's what's warmest and I wear my coat over everything at school every day anyways. Meanwhile John's fashionista bargain shopping sister brought him basically a whole new wardrobe at Christmas, lucky duck.

We finally got some real snow in Shimosuwa. Usually we just get a dusting that melts in the same day.

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