Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today we are cleaning the house, grocery shopping and enjoying the rain storm.

Yesterday we were hopping rocks in a riverbed, cliff jumping, zip lining and hurling ourselves head first down waterfalls. They call it canyoning. We call it crazy fun. Here are some pictures:

This was the initiation of sorts-an almost vertical waterfall slide.

This was the top of the "flying fox" zip line. The guide asked me if I was scared and I said that I wasn't. I had done zip lines on a canopy tour in Nicaragua. Since I was the last person, he bounced me around in the canyon for a while--fun!

By far the scariest part was this waterfall. It takes a different kind of courage to voluntarily throw yourself head first down a rock slide gushing with water. The wet suit and helmet make you feel invincible though. Also, there's no other way to go down. There's a significant drop at the bottom making water going up your nose a major hazard, especially when you have contacts and have to close your eyes to keep them in. This made head first seem the easiest way to go.

Unfortunately for me, when I was going down my body sort of fishtailed, putting my back in a C shape. I already have a little trouble with my back so it seized up in a big cramp. When I hit the water I couldn't move my back or the bottom part of my body. I swam with just my arms over to the rocks and did not give the ok sign (fist on helmet) because I was not ok. Eventually my back relaxed and I could carry on the rest of the way just fine. Today it's sore, but I think it'll be fine. I'd do it again.

It's obvious, but we're not getting any younger. We feel grateful that we're healthy enough to do this kind of thing. This is especially true for me since, with my back seizing up, I'm apparently on the precipice of not being able to do this stuff for much longer. It seems all the more poignant to challenge my body now.

Oh and JL made some amazing food last week.

Curry potatoes in a sweet soy sauce, roasted red peppers with a basil/mint/oregano sauce, corn fritters with avocado sauce and gazpacho (it's been really hot). I was busy making desserts; rhubarb crisp (yes, it made a comeback at the grocery store!) and a vegan dark chocolate cake with peanut butter/chocolate frosting for JL's birthday.


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