Friday, November 12, 2010

Seeing the Signs in Kyoto and Nara

I don't think we've done an obligatory Engrish/signage post yet. Here goes:

I guess the first question is,

(on Kyoto City Hall)
This says Abunai, which means look out! But, it's not very clear what would cause you to do a wheelie in the crosswalk. Overcautious much?

This is the supercute Nara mascot:

They use manga everywhere and for everything! Another cutie outside a temple:

These are things that could happen to you while feeding the deer in Nara.

Here are my parents in the face of some of those threats.

These are things you can't do in the Kyoto train station.

The Japanese love to use the terms Let's and Enjoy. It's kind of an ongoing joke among expats here. Ie. "Let's enjoy cherry blossoms." It's one of those things that's technically correct but we never really say enjoy or use let's like that. It's a perfect example of Japanese English - their own version of English that doesn't really apply elsewhere. Anyways, this sign seen in the subway takes the cake:

This one was actually seen in a museum bathroom in Matsumoto. In case you weren't sure which way to squat on a "Japanese style" toilet, this should clear it up for you:

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