Friday, April 1, 2011

Blissful Busan

We had the best time in Busan. The #1 reason was our hostess - a pal we met in Argentina 2 years ago who let us couchsurf with her. Korean apartments (or at least our friend's) are awesome because 1) teachers don't pay for them 2) they have HEATED floors (ongol) and 3) they have raised beds - we slept off the floor!

She whisked us around Busan in cabs, trains and subways. We met her fun friends, went to a bar that was quite literally in a cave, drank bamboo wine and soju, saw the beaches, hiked to a temple, went to a jimjilbang (Korean spa) and learned all about Korea through her eyes. Thanks for everything, Annika!

Busan is one of the most topographically interesting cities we've been to. It's on the ocean and has mountains sprinkled throughout the city - best of all worlds! You can see from the map how their subway has to circumnavigate all those mountains.

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