Sunday, January 16, 2011

Women in Japan - by the numbers

Here are some factoids I've been compiling over the last few months from books and online articles.

1999 - the year birth control became legal in Japan.

2.2 - % of Japanese women who are on the pill.

1949 - the year abortion became legal in Japan (almost a decade before other developed countries)

106th among 189 countries in terms of percentage of lawmakers in the House of Representatives.

54 - % of Japanese women in their late 20s who are single (in 1980 it was 24%)

90 - % of the 8 million part-time Japanese workers who are women.

10.7 - % of women in senior corporate and political positions (42% in the USA)

Women earn 40% of what men earn in Japan (widest gap among developed countries) (I've also read 44%)

86.05 years - average life span for Japanese women. (79.29 years for men)

1.27 - children per woman birthrate (1.09 in Tokyo) (2.15 in USA)

1.7 - % of children born out of wedlock (vs. about 40% in the USA) I've also read it's 1.1%.

17 minutes - average time Japanese fathers spend with their children each day.

Over 25 - % of unmarried men and women between the ages of 30 and 34 who are virgins.

For Japanese women ages 15-34, suicide is the #1 cause of death.

1945 - the year Japanese women got the vote.

23 trillion yen (or about 27.7 billion USD) - yearly profit of the Japanese sex industry.

Companies with the highest ratios of women perform 50% better on the Tokyo Stock Exchange than those with the lowest ratio of women.

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