Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

First of all, thanks to everyone who has sent us holiday cards. The wall o' love is really shaping up nicely and we're feeling quite loved.

We made a lot of Christmas cookies the other day:

Our Christmas appetizer was inadvertently color appropriate:

We woke up Christmas morning, opened the shoji screens and found this:

The first snow of the season and it came right in time for a white Christmas!

John's sister brought us a lot of treats from home including all these books. We should be pretty set for winter reading now...

On Christmas night we had a party complete with white elephant gift exchange a Wii bowling tournament. Then we sang karaoke until 4am.

Christmas in Japan was pretty different from Christmas at home, but it sure was fun.

We'll leave you with this (in front of the music box museum in our town right now):


  1. Karin and I have been listening to this all month leading up to Xmas:

  2. good times! that was a creepy santa though.

  3. Josh - that was hilarious. We all had a good laugh, especially about the Japan bit.

    Ashby - isn't it? There's usually a clown cranking the music box, which is actually creepier.