Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back from Bali!

We had an amazing time but it's great to be back! We have a lot to say about our 3 weeks in Bali so we'll spread it out over a few blog posts.

Highlights included:
  • Trekking up Mt. Batur to see the sunrise and then continuing up and along the crater rim.

  • Enjoying the beaches at Kuta, Seminyak, Lovina and Gili Trawangan, especially at sunset

  • Checking out the local flora and fauna. The flowers were gorgeous. As for animals we saw dolphins, monkeys, centipedes/millipedes, rats, hummingbirds, sad dogs and tail-less cats, cows, goats, huge spiders and lots of lizards.
  • EATING yummy Indonesian food, learning how to make it at a cooking class and visiting markets. By far our favorite dish was sayur urab(p):

Bali was very different from other places we have traveled. There is a lot of tourist infrastructure and everyone speaks English. It takes some of the adventure out of things. Also, instead of meeting hippie kids and teachers as we did in Latin America Bali was teeming with rich Europeans (also Australians and some Russians!!). Most couples we met were engineers and such who had come for the trekking. Also, as Minnesotans we're not that good at doing the beach thing. That said, Bali is beautiful, interesting and very accessible. It's easy to get around, learn about the culture, speak with the people, etc. Maybe it's just a little too easy, is all. 3 weeks is a long time to steep in your privilege. After a while you just feel guilty. You can't help but worry about sustainability when you can't find a place to fill up your water bottle and have to buy more plastic that you know will not be recycled. On places like the Gili Islands there were very real problems with waste, water and power once you looked past the surface. It was great to have a break from Japan, really get outside of ourselves and see/experience a new place. We're glad to be back though and that much more grateful for our clean house, stellar bathroom and own kitchen!

More to come....

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