Monday, June 28, 2010

Using Yuba: Ganmodoki

Yuba is a by-product of tofu. It is the bean curd they skim off the top while boiling soy milk to make tofu. It's like a vegetarian superfood since it is very high in protein. As a bonus, it's extremely inexpensive here.

That's right--30 yen or about $0.33 for a whole bag! Our friend Taya makes miracles with the stuff including falafel!!

We found this ganmodoki recipe on our favorite Japanese cooking site Just Hungry. John had made it a few months past but without the yuba. This time he didn't add any yamaimo (although, proudly, we actually know what that is) or potato.They're basically just yummy fried veggie patties. . Here's the prep picture:

While cooking...

and the final product with a delicious mustardy sauce John whipped up.


  1. Meanwhile, in Japan:

  2. Josh--I don't know where you find these little nuggets, but keep 'em coming please!

    That one seems to sum up a lot about Japanese culture, actually.