Monday, May 17, 2010


We feel really grateful that we live in a HOUSE with room for a garden. It seems like usually when you live abroad, you don't get to literally dig into the dirt and grow stuff. So, we're trying to take advantage of the opportunity. We got a ride to D2 (like Home Depot) and bought dirt, compost, plants and seeds. We're trying to make some seedlings work but we also bought some plants. Mostly we're focusing on things that are expensive here or hard to find. Basil and cilantro were musts but we also got 3 kinds of tomatoes, peppers, green beans, salad greens and more. So far everything's doing gang busters even though they're just in containers. Hopefully everything won't die when we're away in Bali for 3 weeks in August.


  1. Will the plants eventually end up in the ground, or are you container gardening? Do your neighbors have little gardens growing too? It must be so exciting to finally have room for a small garden--especially considering all the cooking you guys do!

  2. Good questions. We're just going to stick with containers although we'll probably have to buy some bigger ones eventually for the tomato plants and such. It would take too much dirt and tilling to try to do a proper garden in the ground. That said, who knows--if we do get enough dirt we may try to throw some flowers in there or something. Our neighbors are like maniacal gardeners. It seems everyone has perfectly coiffed bonsai type trees and beautiful plants and flowers in their front yards. Back and side yards are full on mini-farms in some cases. The lady across the street puts us to shame. She's ancient but out there almost every day tilling, planting, weeding, etc. There is major gardening going on at our schools too. Up the street from us people have little rice paddies even! Most people are pretty organized and have little greenhouses rigged up to get an early start on things. Right now it seems like it's the season for planting leeks. I just put some of our fresh cilantro in my black bean soup last night!!