Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, the unintentional experiment is complete. We successfully survived without internet at home for over 2 months. Our reward? We now we have the fastest fiber optic internet available in Japan, dare we say the world.

Today, an older Japanese man was setting up our internet. Once it was time to actually check our computer he got a look at our desktop background photo--a shot similar to the one above. He got excited and pointed to his nose (that's how you point to yourself here). I said the word for yellow in Japanese (or at least I think I did) and he said assented that our photo was of his team. It's crazy because over the 3 day weekend he was drinking sake and pulling a massive log down a mountain, across a river and up to a shrine for a 1200 year old festival. Now, Monday afternoon, he's installing internet and using the tiniest printer I've ever seen to print up our bill.

Yep, we love Japan.

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  1. Hooray for crazy-fast internet! Welcome back to the 21st century (or is it like the 25th century in Japan already?)